Our Innovations…


Regent Samsic has developed into a principal provider of support services on the back of determined organic and acquisitional growth coupled to a sustained belief in embracing innovation.

We have often been primary adopters of ground-breaking ways of working, including being the first UK contractor to introduce, across our entire contract base:

Wearmax by Samsic – the world’s first high-performance floor coating with ceramic particles embedded into its surface layer, offering the option to restore existing finishes or re-colourise them to your design requirements. Reduces dirt adhesion – no more need for polishing, buffing, application of maintainer, or stripping and sealing. Water-based and simple to clean using less chemical use and waste, it’s also environmentally-friendly.

Find out more about this Samsic-driven innovation at wearmaxbysamsic.co.uk

Toucan – cleaner/disinfectant made from a solution of salt and water using electro chemical activation that’s safe, non-toxic and environmentally friendly. When an electrical charge is put through the salt water the resulting solution is an activated hycochlorous which has first rate cleaning and sanitising properties.

Robo- Automated Scrubber Drier – a cleaning robot that can clean up to 1200m² without human input.

Microfibre wiping and mopping – holding up to 8 times their weight in dirt, dust and moisture with little or no need for chemicals.

Biometric time and attendance – employee scheduling and tracking technology that also keeps buildings, staff and assets secure as well as providing fully-transparent reporting capabilities and real time alerts for staff absence.

Texatherm dry fusion cleaning system – ideal for customers who require deep cleaning or maintenance cleaning for carpets.

Ecat Quality monitoring – delivering compliance auditing, task management administration, team assignment, reports and more in real-time.

Regent Samsic, we are not interested in copying our competitors.

We are interested in injecting our fresh thinking and added levels of energy and efficiencies to both new and existing contracts alike – to be consistently challenging ourselves to go beyond the everyday.

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