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In common with many of our clients, Regent Samsic seeks to minimise the cost to the environment of its business activities.

That’s why we take time to fully understand and help customers meet their environmental needs.

Our bespoke Green Site Surveys help reduce our impact on your environment via the adoption of  our Total Green Solutions service and save you money through the reduction of:

  • Cleaning Chemicals
  • Waste Management
  • Transportation of cleaning materials
  • Labour intensity and contract hour (by using efficient easy to apply products)

Regent Samsic are early adopters of responsible and sustainable cleaning industry innovation providing efficient, effective, safe, green support service solutions for your business including:

Wearmax by Samsic – The world’s first high-performance floor coating with ceramic particles embedded into its surface layer, Wearmax offers the option to restore existing finishes or re-colourise them to your design requirements and with huge savings: a typical 500 sq m application of Wearmax clear finish offers an 80% saving in time against floor maintenance, up to 60% in capital expenditure (Capex), up to 50% on core cleaning costs. Highly effective against signs of wear, abrasion and dirt adhesion, while also providing slip-resistance of typically 36+ (BS7976), its reduced dirt adhesion makes its maintenance far easier. There’s no more need for polishing, buffing, application of maintainer, or stripping and sealing. And being water based and simple to clean using less chemical use and waste, it’s also environmentally-friendly.

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Toucan – Regent Samsic was the first UK cleaning contractor to adopt this clever device that makes a cleaner/disinfectant out of a solution of salt and water using electro-chemical activation that’s safe, non-toxic and environmentally friendly.

Microfibre – holding up to 8 times their weight in dirt, dust and moisture, these eco-friendly wiping and mopping cloths have little or even no need for chemicals.

Ecodosing – A super-concentrate product that packs big cleaning power into small containers and minimises the amount of product needed at the point of use. Its controlled dosage chamber integrates into the container better controlling product wastage while small pack sizes means these are easy to transport, easy to store, light to handle. As they use less packaging, there’s also less to dispose of after use. All of these products meet or exceed the toughest restrictions on use of hazardous chemicals and toxicity: no CFCs, no Phosphates, no chlorinated solvents, no animal testing, no nasties. Conserving natural resources and minimising waste at every stage from production to use, Ecodosing is all about helping protect the future for us all: each being colour coded for different area uses, also makes them even safer to use than ever.

Bio Stream – being the first UK contractor to adopt the Toucan cleaning system – a cleaner/sanitiser made out of a solution of salt and water using electro-chemical activation – we were keen to find a means of scaling-up production for larger sites. The Bio-stream enables us to move solution process out of mere jugs to larger-scale applications. Mains water-connected, safe and easy to use, it obviates the need for making up individual fluids resulting in faster deployment of this high-grade disinfectant, on-demand. A great idea made even better, Toucan now replaces 80% of floor cleaning chemicals used by Regent Samsic cleaning operations.

Regent Samsic  is increasingly adopting ECO label products and H2O technology in its day-to-day service operations.

We also conduct research and development and work in partnership with manufacturers and supply chain who share our ethos to reduce CO2 emissions and protect the environment.

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